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Samsung SCH-i760

It looks like Samsung is finally coming out with an upgrade for the SCH-i730 Windows Mobile Phone, in the form of the SCH-i760. Major new features include Windows Mobile 6, side-sliding keyboard and a built-in camera. Currently the i760 is not officially on Verizon Wireless’ web site yet.

Don’t know about you but I think this one looks a bit on the ugly side. Still, I really like my i730 and when I will certainly consider upgrading to the i760 when the time comes.

Samsung SCH-i760

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  1. More news on the i760. Verizon has announced that the i760 will be available officially Sept 24 at $350 with a two-year contract. Hmm… that’s a tad expensive. I think I will be able to get by with my trusty i730 for a while longer. My plan is to wait about 6 months for the i760 price to come down hopefully below $250 with a contract.

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