Korg 01/W

I run a discussion group for the Korg 0-series synthesizers (01/W, 01/Wfd, 01/Wpro, 01/WproX, 01R/W, and 03R/W). The group has 1000 members as of Nov 2007. The home page for the group is at http://korg01w.vienxu.com.

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  1. Hello Chinh Do,
    I have Korg 01W/FD. Search around the web and find your site. I’m looking for Service Manual for Repair my 01W/FD.
    Need Schematic for it. If you have schematic or know where to download schematic, please help me.
    Here is my email: trungtruong_2000@yahoo.com

    Thanks a lot,
    Cam on nhieu

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