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Finds of the Week – December 13, 2008

.NET, C#, Programming

Software & Tools

  • Cpu-z is a cool little freeware application that provides information about your CPU. Here we are looking my brand new quad-core CPU.


  • Service Pack 1 Release Candidate for Windows Vista is available for public download. Maybe I’ll install it.
  • If you need a folder/file comparison/diff tool, try the SourceGear’s DiffMerge, now free. Via WebLog of Ken Cox.
  • Windows Vista has a very useful but hidden Copy as Path feature (Via Luke Foust). In Windows XP, the Send To X Powertoy used to provide this feature.

    Windows Vista Copy as Path

And Now, Something Different

  • I enjoy doing graphics design now and then. Here’s a cover I did this past weekend for the Richmond Vietnamese Association’s annual Tet (lunar new year) magazine issue (click image for full-size):

    image description

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