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MSMQ Installation on Windows Server 2008 Fail with 0x80070643

If you get one of these errors starting MSMQ Server or installing MSMQ on Windows (Server 2008), this article describes a potential solution:

  • You cannot start MSMQ Service with the following entry in the Application Event Log: The Message Queuing service cannot start. The internal private queue ‘admin_queue$’ cannot be initialized. If the problem persists, reinstall Message Queuing. Error 0xc00e0001.
  • You cannot install MSMQ with the following error: Attempt to install Message Queuing Server failed with error code 0x80070643. Fatal error during installation. The following features were not installed: Message Queuing Services/Message Queuing Server.

    MSMQ Installation Result


For me, the solution was to delete the Registry key KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ, then try the installation again.

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  1. You rock. Thanks for posting this. Just ran into same issue myself and this resolved it. Why does MSMQ have to be such a pain in the butt sometimes!?!?!

  2. Oddly, this happens on a fresh install of Server 2008. Clearing the registry key has no effect. Did nobody beta test this thing?

  3. Oh, p.s. I did see another article describing this problem that recommends that you turn off User Account Control.

    Sadly, this does not work for me, either.

  4. try to grant permission to “local service” account for the folder “Windows\system32”. After that, my MSMQ installation succeeded.

  5. did not solve my troubles
    also turning off User Account Control and
    trying to grant permission to “local service” account for the folder “Windows\system32″ was not successfull too.

    i have windows 2008 R2 + try to install Sharepoint 2010 x64
    prequisite stage hangs in a loop.
    Root cause: msmq service fails to install

    any solutions?

  6. I was having the same issue.

    I tried to remove the MSMQ feature. First the wizard shows that you need to reboot to conclude the remotion, but when the system come back, you received the same, and you stuck in a loop.

    I solved my case going to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters and editing the key “SetupStatus” from 1 to 0(zero). Then when rebooted I could reinstall the MSMQ correctly again.

  7. Without touching MSMQ – it was running perfectly for months.
    Suddenly no emails sending, investigation and No MSMQ in MMC, Service is RUNNING (but when you restart in cant run again)

    Everything dead, cant reinstall.
    Eventually got it right via delete of registry keys listed here.

    After two months, same thing occurs.

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