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EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra 939 Motherboard and 4GB of RAM

If you have an EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard, and you installed 4GB of RAM, the BIOS may only see 3407872K Total Memory:

Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra 4GB Vista

To enable the BIOS to see the full 4GB of RAM, do the following:

  • Enter the BIOS Setup Utility (reboot and press Del key).
  • Choose Advanced Chipset Feature, then DRAM Configuration
  • Change “S/W memory hole Remapping” to Enabled
  • Change “H/W memory hole Remapping” to Enabled

Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra 4GB Vista

If you have Windows XP or Windows Vista 32-bit, the operation system will not see the full 4 GB anyway. The “fix” is to upgrade to Vista 64-bit or just live with whatever amount of RAM the OS can use. My Vista 32-bit installation reports 3327 MB of total memory.

Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra 4GB Vista

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  1. This will help me too. Thanks! I will upgrade as soon as DDR1 becomes affordable again. Ahh, I love this Motherboard since three years now! It’s a pitty Epox no longer exists…

  2. Me again. I want to thank you again for your hint and leave a post for all those “Epox 9NPA+ Ultra” + “4GB RAM” – Googlers. Now I’m also at 4GB with my good old 9NPA+ Ultra running Vista 64 and there is no need to upgrade to 775 or AM2 for me left ATM. I will just wait another two years and then will see if I really really neeeed a new computer – if the board not dies in the meantime 🙂
    BTW DDR1 is cheaper then ever! Just bought original Aeneon at 22.- Euro per gig in Europe. That’s half the price of two, three months ago. This one is doublesided but runs without any problem in all 4 slot!
    Ah, and Epox now is Suppox…

  3. Sol: That’s great. That should be plenty of RAM to run stuff. My 9NPA+ box is also serving me well. Unless you’re unlucky, these things should last a long time. My home “server” is a Dell Optiplex GX200 that I bought about 7 years ago. It still works great as a file server.

  4. Great to see there are still other 9NPA+ users out there extending the life of their boards. I’ve been using EPOX for 8 years, and have had the 9NPA+ for just about 3 years now. I went dual core about a year ago (64 X2 3800+) and have it running 24/7 @2900MHz with ZERO issues (water cooled). My 2GB of OCZ Platinum is pushing 241MHz on the bus, also with zero issues. Having finally gone to Vista x64, I see how it totally munches through RAM, and like many others have done searches seeing if the 9NPA+ can handle all 4 sticks with no issues. I just bought another 2GB pair of the same style OCZ Platinum for a fifth of what I paid for it three years ago! A very small investment to make in order to extend the life of the best motherboard/system I ever owned. Not the latest and greatest of course, but I still score 5.9 Windows Experience Index across the board except for CPU which is 5.3. I have no reason to upgrade any time soon with the performance this board puts up… Thank you Epox, and wish you were still in the game…

  5. I must reinstall the WIN XP after upgrade to Opteron 170 but i don’t know where to find right functioanal drivers for this MB (

  6. hey
    can anyone point me to epox ep 9npa+ ultra driver. epox site dosnt work and all i can give on nvidias site is video drivers.
    i have searched high and low
    please help

  7. Hi. Just stumbled on this page, particularly PJ#s thread at no. 8

    I’ve had a EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra for 8 years. It’s on 18 hours a day (used about 10 hours) and except for heavy graphic work is fine. Now in Jan 2014 I’m looking to replace due to XP end of life. But even a mid priced 2012 processor and mobo doesn’t good terribly good value. Oh, definitely going to Linux as well.

    So I thinking about doing what PJ did and getting a second hand 64 X2 3800+ CPU. Plus maybe a SSD, going from 3GB to 4GB, and perhaps a better graphics board.

    Just wonder how long this great mobo will last.

  8. It’s March 2020. My epox mobo is still running windows 7 64 bit. I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10 but have not solved the compare exchange 128 issue yet.

    1. Hi Edge 737, Wow that’s great that you still have the Epox motherboard running. The thing must be at least 15 years old by now! Hopefully you’ll find a fix for the exchange 128 issue. Chinh

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