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How to Use VISA Gift Card on Amazon

I googled and didn’t find anything useful so I thought I’d share this. If you have a VISA gift card and want to use it on in conjunction with a credit card (to pay for any amount over the gift card value), the trick is to use the VISA gift card to purchase an Amazon gift card of the same value for yourself (search for “gift card” on

Once you have the Amazon gift card, you can then use it to pay for part of your order, with the remaining balance being charged to another credit card.

I am sure this trick works with most other online merchants too.

Ordering gift card on Amazon

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  1. Can you use for the whole purchase if the amount on the gift card will cover the amount of the purchase?

  2. Just be careful not to use the entire amount of the giftcard. You need to leave at least a dollar on the card otherwise it will be declined. So if you have a $100 giftcard you will only be able to spend $99.

  3. This helped me as well. Unfortunately I only had a $25 gift card so I had to leave that one dollar on there. It is sort of obnoxious that my $24 gift card because a $24 dollar gift card plus the 3% they charge you to buy a Visa gift card…

  4. I just want to say thank you so much for the great idea. Unfortunately, it’s been the habit of many companies offering mail-in rebates to provide the funds in a pre-paid card form, which I personally loath. Thanks to your advice I’m now able to apply the funds to and save on my next purchase!

    So thank you, thank you and thank you for the great idea! =)

  5. I recently tried using my visa giftcard to buy an amazon giftcard, and it was declined. I had multiple visa and it wouldn’t go thru! Any suggestions?

  6. Hey Kim (and whoever is curious),

    I found this site when my Visa giftcards kept being declined when trying to purchase an Amazon giftcard.
    I was able to get one of my Visa giftcards (out of 3) to work.

    What worked ->
    Selecting an Amazon Giftcard for $1 less than my total Visa Giftcard amount ($49 out of $50).
    Entering my name as the credit card holder.

    There were some differences between the card that worked and my two other Visa giftcards that didn’t work.

    The card that worked had a raised credit card number on the front (like a real credit card).
    The card that worked was issued by The Bancorp Bank.

    The card that didn’t work had a flat/smooth credit card number on the front.
    The card that didn’t work was issued by MetaBank.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I am also having a problem buying a GC. I have a Visa Debit card that is flat – no raised numbers. It’s a $25 card.

  8. Hello, I tried twice using a $75 pnc (visa) giftcard, and was declined twice. I was thinking the reason for the decline the first time, was that I using my name for cardholder, so I left it blank the second time, and that still didn’t work.

  9. This trick still works, just tried it. The whole value of the gift card worked. Didn’t need to subtract one dollar. 50 dollar card and used $50.00

  10. Hello all,

    This his been up here a while, hopefully there are still listeners out there!

    Anyways, I tried with a visa reward card through bank of america and had no luck, I used my name (didn’t work) and the “happy holidays” on the card (didn’t work).

    Made sure numbers were right 3x’s lol. They are, and expiration date entered was correct as well.

    Also tried $1.00 less (didn’t work)
    and $0.01 less for kicks (didn’t work)…..

    Any help? Think I’ll email amazon soon.

    Thanks all.

  11. I had a Navy Federal Union Visa gift card and it wasn’t letting me use it to buy the Amazon gift card no matter what info I put in for cardholder name and address, or whether I did it for $50 or $49.

    Turns out that I had to register the card with my name and billing address before I could use it for an online purchase. I couldn’t get the registration process to work on the bank’s website, so I called the 800 number on the back of the card and from then on it was super easy.

    The customer service person quickly registered the Visa card to my name, address, and phone number, and then I loaded that card with those details as a payment option on my Amazon account, and then selected that card as my payment method when I was checking out with an Amazon gift card. Worked perfectly, and for the full amount.

    Then I was able to purchase my original Amazon order with the $50 Amazon gift card and the balance on my debit card. So if all else fails just dial the 800 number and they’ll get it straightened out.

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