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Not So Great Experience with Verizon FIOS Web Support

My Verizon FIOS router (ActionTech MI424WR) died the other day. So I tried to contact Verizon Online tech support to get a replacement. Well, they certainly don’t make it easy.

On the support web site page, there are two methods to obtain support: Email and Phone. Upon further examination, Email support is there mostly for show, because it’s nothing more than an automated system, very good at sending out useless canned responses such as this:


Note the disclaimer at the top stating that the replies are automated. Why??? I am already on the web site, why not just display the help result right there? What are they thinking?

All is not lost, because there’s still the Phone option right? Well this is what I got after clicking on it:

Verizon Online

I tried again on another computer running Windows 2003 and it looked like it was trying harder this time, but it didn’t quite make it, because it kept on checking forever to see if "Quick Support" is installed:


By the way, if you are looking for the direct number for Verizon FIOS tech support, it is 888-553-1555. I called and was provided the answer I was looking for in about 10 minutes.

Finds of the Week – February 3, 2007



Windows Mobile – Pocket PC

  • Looks like Google has fixed the problems that were plaguing Gmail IMAP on Windows Mobile devices. Read the blog entry from the official Gmail Blog here. And here’s a related article from PC World: Google fixes Gmail IMAP problem on Windows Mobile.
  • Viigo is a free RSS reader for Windows Mobile. I have not really used it that much but it seems to work ok.Viigo RSS Reader for Windows Mobile
  • Skyfire is another promising Windows Mobile browser currently in private beta. Via Engadget.
  • If you have a Samsung Windows Mobile device, try the included PicSel browser. Here’s a review of Picsel browser, with a lot of useful how-to information included. By Tam Hanna.

And Now, For Something A Little Different


Finds of the Week – January 27, 2008

.NET Programming, C#


Software and Tools

Windows Mobile / Pocket PC

Something Different

Finds of the Week – January 20, 2008

.NET, C#, Programming

Software and Tools

  • Jeff Atwood shared the Top Five Browser Shortcuts Everyone Should Know. I didn’t know about the middle mouse button browser shortcut. Very useful.
  • Reading Nazmul Idris’ post on Microsoft OneNote 2007 prompted me to try it myself…. and I loved it. It’s a great application to keep track of notes, journal entries, work logs, etc. It’s going to be an essential app for me from now on.


    I especially like offline mode support for USB flash drives. You can keep your Notebooks on a flash memory card. OneNote automatically synchronizes its local cache with the flash card when the card is inserted. When not inserted, you can still work on the local cached copy.

    What I don’t like: no VBA macro support. One of the first thing I tried was pressing ALT+F11 to bring up the VBA IDE… nothing happened. A quick search in Online Help confirmed my sinking feeling: no VBA support. Supposedly, you can write add-ins.

Windows Mobile/Pocket PC


Something different

  • Watch dolphins blowing circles made of air bubbles.
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