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Vista 64-bit and SoundBlaster X-Fi Crackling/Popping

Against popular wisdom, I decided to upgrade my bedroom home theater PC to Vista 64-bit a couple days ago (just have to make full use of all of my precious 4GB of RAM). Everything is working surprising well so far, with the exception of sound! Whenever I play any audio, my speakers now produce all kinds of pops and crackles along with the normal audio stream. Urgg.

After a couple of days of googling, tweeking various sound settings, uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, etc. without success, I almost gave up on the thing. Then I decided to try just one more thing, changing the default sample rate to “2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)” from the default “2 channel, 24 bit, 48000Hz” and just like magic, the pops and crackles are gone.

SPDIF Out Properties

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  1. Wow….I was having the same problem running Vista-64. Before what I would do is keep rebooting until I didn’t hear the crackling sound but your suggestion seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll let you know if I run into any more issues.

  2. dude, thank you soooooo much. you are officially my hero. I have been living with this EXACT problem for months, and it has been horrible. it was like rolling the dice everytime i booted, half the time i would boot to no cracking, the other half i would be cracking up a storm. I had since given up but decided to google it one more time and found this. THANK YOU =D

  3. Kevin: That’s great. I think I had the same symptoms as yours. I hope this fix works well for you. My crackling problem came back even after this fix. Argg!

  4. I wish this fixed worked for me! I even did a factory reset of my machine and the cracking is still there. :/

    Vista 64-bit.. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi as well.

    Any other tips?

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